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Concord Pharmacy of Atlanta – Emory Midtown Hospital

550 Peachtree Street NE Suite 1450
Atlanta, GA 30308

Concord Pharmacy

Since our formation in 1979, Concord Pharmacy has been a leader in compounding and specialty pharmacy care and services.  Our compounding pharmacists work as problem solvers for both patients and physicians.  Compounding pharmacy is the long standing art and science of preparing medications to fit the unique needs of patients and physicians.  Physicians and pharmacists work together with the patient, to tailor prescriptions to each individual.  Concord pharmacists and technicians receive on and off site training in compounding techniques and formulations.  We only use pharmaceutical grade chemicals and precise equipment.

What We Do…

Compounded medications are made for patients that have needs not met by commercially manufactured products. Concord Pharmacy can compound medications that can be prescribed for a variety of reasons. Ever struggle with a child who will not swallow pills? We can formulate these difficult to swallow pills into tasty liquids.

Concord Pharmacy has the capability to combine multiple medications into one prescription according to your doctor’s orders and directions. We can also prepare medication compounds that are not commercially available or have been discontinued. We care about our patient’s health and it is important that we are able to suit all of their needs, therefore we can formulate medication compounds in an allergen free formula, or to vary the strength of a medication.

Compounded medications that can be customized for you may include:

Hormone Restoration Compounds
Dermatological Compounds
Pediatric Compounds
Pain Management Compounds
Dental Compounds
Veterinarian Compounds

List of Services

Pharmacist: Melanie Rudisill

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