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PenCol Compounding Pharmacy

(303) 388-3613
1325 South Colorado Boulevard Suite B-024
Denver, CO 80222

In 1925 PenCol Pharmacy opened its doors. The pharmacy was located at Pennsylvania and Colfax, hence, the name PenCol. PenCol became a staple for the neighborhood and eventually, customers came from all parts of Denver.

In 1973, Marshall Tobin, newly graduated from pharmacy school, opened his first pharmacy, Medisave pharmacy. In 1985, Marshall merged Medisave with Pencol and the pharmacies became PenCol Medisave Pharmacy. He then took the pharmacy into what was to become the future – compounding individualized/specialized medications.

Compounding is making prescription drugs the “old-fashion” way – from scratch, mixing the ingredients by hand so that each patient’s prescription is custom made to fit their specific, individual needs.

When Pencol moved to its current location, Marshall made one final change to the pharmacy, he re-named it Pencol Compounding Pharmacy.

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