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Daniel’s Drug Compounding & Wellness Pharmacy

(405) 282-0661
206 West Oklahoma Avenue
Guthrie, OK 73044

Daniel’s Drug Compounding & Wellness Pharmacy is Guthrie’s ONLY local family owned and operated pharmacy. Owned by Sarah and Andy Anderson, and Amy Anderson-Carothers, their family is committed to teaching other families to be healthy. Located in the heart of historic downtown Guthrie, Daniel’s Drug is proud to offer a range of pharmaceutical options. In addition to commercially produced medications, we offer custom compounding, Metagenics, and BHRT.

At Daniel’s Drug, we recognize that commercially prepared medications may not provide the most benefit to every patient. Therefore, we work with physicians and veterinarians to produce a prescription that is custom made for a patient’s needs. This provides options for the patient and allows the physician to be as creative as necessary when prescribing medications. By offering custom compounding, Daniel’s Drug is helping patients and physicians overcome many of the problems encountered when prescribing commercially produced medications.

How do we compound a prescription? After a physician writes a prescription, we can start from raw ingredients, or formulate virtually any prescription, even discontinued medications, into a form that is easily tolerated by the patient. This way you can be confident that you are getting the right medication in the right form. Some of the prescription forms we can compound include: liquids, suppositories, rectal rockets, enemas, flavored troches (lozenges), capsules, topical creams and gels, vaginal creams, lip balms and even lollipops!

An added benefit to compounded medications is that many times compounded medications are less expensive than commercially prepared prescriptions. Because Daniel’s Drug can formulate medications that meet a patient’s specific needs, you pay for the medication, not the packaging and advertising which often drives the cost of commercial medications up!

Daniel’s Drug is proud to be the only pharmacy in Guthrie to offer the Metagenics supplement line. Metagenics is only available from physicians and specialty pharmacies! Come into our store and ask our pharmacist Amy Carothers, RPh. which supplement will assist you in maximizing your health.

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