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Burman’s Pharmacy

3400 Edgmont Avenue
Brookhaven, PA 19015

Family owned and operated for 40 years, Burman’s Pharmacy takes pride in meeting all of a patient’s needs concerning their medication, supplements, diet, and lifestyle. Our five pharmacists have over 100 years of collective experience, and are at the top of their profession. This means more than answering questions: when necessary our pharmacists take the initiative to council you on your health or your medication. They are always available for a face to face consultation. If our pharmacists believe that an alternative medicine or dosage will save you money or work better, they will discuss their idea with your doctor. A small team of five pharmacists allows them to consult with one another about your health, and develop strong relationships with your physician In short, we work to bridge the gap between you and your doctor. This used to be the role of all pharmacists, but today Burman’s is one of the few pharmacies to maintain this standard of care.

Burman’s Pharmacy also continues the largely forgotten practice of creating custom compounded drugs. While all drugs were once compounded, today compounding gives physicians more options when prescribing. For a variety of reasons, regularly available drugs don’t always fit the bill. For instance, your doctor may feel you need a lower dosage than commonly available. Compounding allows us to customize the dosage, combination, and/or the form of many medications. This service offers you drug solutions that can better meet your needs. All compounding is done by our expert pharmacists.

The team at Burman’s also has special expertise in fertility treatments and pain management therapy. Our understanding of the special needs and concerns of these patients has made us one of the preferred pharmacies for their doctors throughout the Delaware Valley.

Burman’s Pharmacy is a network provider for Medicare/Medicaid and most pharmacy benefits. If, for any reason, we are unable to process your prescription, we will always direct you to another pharmacy that can.

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